Aligned from root to crown

We will work together from your dreams and intentions.
Your intentions will be our fuel. We will focus on your alignment and the way you work (not the way you were told it should work). All that and tue fine tuning of your intuition will propel you forward.
I don’t promise you any material result but rather a change in your mindset and way of being. 

Come as you are 🤗

My coaching session, as well as my readings, are safe and loving spaces thanks to the energetic cocoon that I build and the way that I hold space for you. 
I need you to feel safe so that you can share your heart with me, without filter… Know that I will never judge you. I will only and always exend love to you and see you as the soverign being that you are. 
I might go as far as say that, from the moment we embark on a coaching journey, I will be your new bestie, your new girlfriend. Expect that kind of support, vulnerability and intimacy 🤍 I am here for you. The more you share, the more I get you and the more I can help you… But also the more open you are, the easier it is for me to tap in and deliver what needs to be delivered through my intuitive channel. 

The Power of Three

We will always work on the three aspects of you:

1️⃣ Your Mind

2️⃣ Your Body

3️⃣ Your Spirit / Soul / Energy

My goal is always to see you shine in every area of your life


3 month

USD 1111 / 1010 €

Monthly payments or PIF.

What's included

✔ 3 mentoring / coaching session per month (75 minutes)
✔ One 90 minutes reading 
✔ Integration breaks every month
✔ Daily support on WhatsApp or Voxer
✔ Workbooks, work sheets and exercises
✔ Personalised practices and channeled guidance
✔ 30% discount on readings for yourself
✔ Free access to my masterclasses, workshops & group sessions 

FREE MINI COACHING (discovery call)

Choosing the right coach for you is super important! Getting to know each other before we embark on a soul journey together is key for me.
That mini coaching call is a way for both of us to see if we’re  good fit.
During this 30 to 45 minutes call (on Zoom), I will invite you to tell me about yourself, your dreams and intentions for the future. I want to know what lights you up! 
We may also talk about your intuition and your relationship with it. 

As for all my 1:1, I will set an energetic container that’ll allow safety and expansion. I hope that you will share your heart with me, with ease and simplicity. And maybe, you’ll feel called to share your fears and what seems to limit you today.  

I am also present to help you reframe your mind and what might stop you from enrolling in a life-changing experience with me. 
Or I can just help you empty your mind, connect and anchor yourself in order to hear the voice of your intuition and inner guidance… She’ll let you know if this is an experience for you or not 🤍

In my magical toolbox

✨ Yoga & tantric philosophy
✨ Meditation
✨ Breathwork
✨ Emotional intelligence & “Positivie Intelligence
✨ Nervous system regulation

✨ Intuition & Channeling
✨ Cartomancy (tarot & oracle)
✨ Energy healing
✨ Somatic practices to go back within & reconncet to you body 
✨ Earthing & anchoring to the divine

✨ Gestion de projet
✨ Copywriting
✨ Communication & Marketing
✨ Community & Content Management
✨ Website creation, editing & maintenance
✨ Video & audio editing 

Je suis neuro-atypique, du coup si tu l’es aussi je te comprends et peux t’aider, à mon échelle.
Je suis aussi Verseau ☀ / Gémeau ↗ / Vierge 🌙 et Manifestor. Je déborde d’idées et j’aime voir comment sont construites les choses afin de déconstruire la norme.
D’ailleurs, je ne pense pas que la norme ait été construite pour permettre à tou.te.s de fleurir et de s’épanouir.
Je ne pense pas que ce plier à des règles arbitraires et essayer de fonctionner avec, bon gré, malgré soit toujours bénéfique. C’est pourquoi j’aime penser de nouvelles règles, adaptées à son essence et son fonctionnement. Et c’est ce que je vais t’encourager et t’aider à faire durant notre acompagement. Je vais aussi t’aider à écouter ton intuition pour te laisser guider en douceur.
Alors, j’ai envie de t’aider à te reconnecter à qui tu es, à ton énergie vitale, à ton âme et sa magie pour construire la vie de tes rêves.