Soul Reading
Heart Healing
Alignment Coaching

I read and heal your sould & your heart
Thanks to my gifts & my connexion to the divine

I also guide you to a powerful
(re)connexion to yourself,
your power and magic… 
Through a better understanding
of your way of living and your gifts.

Hi I'm Lilith!

I'm not your average coach.

I’m the kind of coach that will push you and help you love yourself unconditionnally because I see you for who you are at your core. 

I’m the kind of coach that will always question everything with you. Why? Because by questionning things we deconstruct them and we can then build anew with only what serves us. 

This is not work for the faint of heart. But it is work that every soul aiming for a beautiful aligned life of flow and abundance should do.

I'm also an oracle.

This means that my channel is clear and I can tune in in order to deliver profound understandings and healings.

I am highly spiritual and dedicated but I am also very grounded and highly sensitive… a well balanced person for readings and healings grounded & ethereals ✨

I think we are a lot alike

My thinking mind can be (very) loud, just like yours probably. But, it’s always an opportunity to learn a lesson and see where I haven’t fully trusted my intuition, trusted fully and/or let go.

My brain is also working at full speed most of the time when I’m not meditating or doing automated tasks like cooking or painting. This allows me to think of all the possibilities and choose the best one with my brain AND my gut. 

I’m an Aquarius ☀, Geminin ⬆, Virgo 🌙… and a 4/6 Manifestor with a Splenic Authority. I’m here to shake things up and teach (as I learn myself) how to do things our way, the best way and the only way that works… 🙅‍♀️ not the way we’ve been urged to follow. With me, you follow your gut and your heart. ♥


Reading that will allow the power of your soul to emerge. I will deliver channeled messages, healings & activations, exactly as you need. 

90 minutes live on Zoom • 200 €  / USD222

Allow your Spiritual Team to coach you towards clarity, peace, alignment and abundance.

60 minutes live on Zoom • 150 €  / USD162

Spiritual Mentorish to allow yourself to flourish as you stand in your magic, spirituality and power.

3 months mentorship / coaching with 3 calls (75 minutes) each months + 1 reading (90 minutes). 

Free Group Reading
Soul Emergence

On Zoom, Monday June 12th
6pm Paris / 5 PM London
9 AM LA / Noon NYC / 2 AM Melbourne

Awakening Stories cover

Podcast • Awakening Stories •

In this podcast, my guests share their stories of  awakenings, activation of gifts, healing & alignment modalities. In this podcast, I also share channeled messages, guidances, Energy Scans and so much more!

This podcast is like me: it speaks English and French whenever it wants. It talks about Spirituality all the time and could talk about it for hours… and we often do!

I hope you’ll give it a listen and I know it will find you at the perfect time and space for you. 💜

I also have some free magic for you ♥ ​